SureDatum are the technology service experts specialising in helping organisations to reduce and control software license costs. Every organisation, with the correct insight and knowledge, can make better business decisions regarding their IT. It is that knowledge that SureDatum provides.

There are numerous difficulties in managing networks, from understanding the contracts and agreements to extracting the best value from your IT investment. Every IT manager will be familiar with the pressures of trying to optimise their estate and operate within budget, or the challenge to accurately inventory the enterprise software, or ensure full licensing compliance throughout a complex network. Little errors can prove very costly as vendors come in for reviews of the estate.

SureDatum bring the experience of our technical consultants and licence experts to identify the areas where you can achieve significant savings, avert compliance risk and ensure correct deployment. Our unique tools and processes, coupled with our technical nous and experience, means that we deliver fast and accurate results with minimum impact to your team or staff. We have the advantage of being able to work with and extract your data from any tool you currently have in place, and we analyse that information to provide detailed advice and guidance that sets us apart in the software asset management sector.

There is however another area which makes SureDatum particularly unique. We are not linked to any vendor, and unlike resellers, SureDatum can offer genuinely independent advice which is not reported to the vendor. Essentially, prior to your Licensing Review or True Up or Audit, you can establish your exact position and make any changes required to avoid unnecessary costs. It’s an expert, wholly independent, end to end solution that doesn’t pressure your resources in any way and provides the results you’ll want to repeat.

With a worldwide client base and offices in Wicklow, Dublin and London, SureDatum is currently recruiting to help with expansion into a very busy European market. With the development and launch of our own patented Health Check products for Microsoft and Oracle estates we’ve seen a huge increase in demand for our services across all sectors and jurisdictions.

Our Typical Challenges:

  • Notice of Audit or Review
  • EA renewal or True Up impending
  • IT Infrastructure or Major IT purchase being considered
  • Moving to Cloud based solutions
  • Requirement for inventory tools or analysis
  • Discomfort is taking SAM advice from a reseller

Our Solutions:

Identify the concern, identify the solution; expert analysis, expert solution.

With over €55m in savings found in 2015 alone, we’re very proud of our 100% Client Retention rate.