Case Studies

Local Government Microsoft License Health Check


This case study summaries 15 individual projects that were carried out in local government in 2015.  The total overall savings were in excess of €1.9 million.  Each Local Authority continues to engage SureDatum for training, license advice and our Managed Service.


In 2015 two Local Authorities approached SureDatum for advice on Microsoft Licensing.  They were each in receipt of a letter from a Microsoft partner suggesting an on-site appointment to measure the relevant license compliance.

Making intelligent choices, the local authorities in question sought independent advice as they were concerned about letting a reseller have access to their data.  Their view was, to quote, “It’s like asking the fox to count the chickens”

After some initial investigation we discovered that quite a number of local authorities had been approached by the same SAM partner on behalf of Microsoft and it transpired that a few authorities had already made significant purchases to resolve their issues

The Challenge

Our team had to gather data, using tools already available at each local authority, process and analyse it and then provide a report of all areas of risk.  Each project had to be efficiently expedited in order to allow time to address any compliance issues before a full license audit was declared by Microsoft.

Over a 6 month period, we worked with a number of Local Authorities on their Microsoft Software Licensing requirements. Through implementation of our SureDatum Health Check product, we created Effective License Positions and Compliance Reports for all companies; to help highlight areas of risk and cost optimisation opportunities.

This gave the IT Departments within each Local Authority clear actions to carry out; alongside the obvious financial benefit of having had this work completed.

Return on Investment

For an overall Council investment of €75k across 15 Local Authorities, we highlighted in excess of €1.9million in optimisation opportunities and risks that could be removed.

These projects were considered a huge success and these 15 local authorities have gone for further SureDatum training and have already either moved to a managed service or scheduled their license health check for next year.

The table below highlights the specific savings achieved by Local Authority.

Authority Key Risks Identified Original Risk Optimised Risk Savings
Council 01 Windows OS €41,300 €1,460 €39,840
Council 02 Windows OS €10,000 €0 €10,000
Council 03 Dynamics CRM, Office 2013, OfficePro 2013 €67,400 €17,600 €49,800
Council 04 SQL Standard Core, SQL Enterprise Core, Office 2013 €431,300 €134,600 €296,700
Council 05 SQL Enterprise Core, Windows Server Std, Dynamics CRM €104,600 €600 €104,000
Council 06 SQL Enterprise Core, Office 2013, SQL Standard Core, Windows Server/OS €520,300 €307,300 €213,000
Council 07 SharePoint, Project, Dynamics CRM €96,169 €56,145 €40,024
Council 08 Office 2013, SQL Standard Core, SQL Enterprise Core €431,300 €134,600 €296,700
Council 09 Project €458
Council 10 SharePoint, Exchange, OfficePro 2013 €87,100 €0 €87,100
Council 11 SQL Enterprise Core, Project Pro, Windows Server Standard €44,100 €16,100 €28,000
Council 12 Office 2013, SQL Standard Core, SQL Enterprise Core €198,500 €19,200 €179,300
Council 13 SQL Enterprise Core, Office 2016, Access €609,000 €280,200 €328,800
Council 14 SQL Server Standard, OfficePro 2013, Exchange Standard €127,636 €73,750 €53,886
Council 15 Office Professional Plus 2013, Exchange Standard 2013, Windows OS €418,144 €191,390 €226,754
    €3,187,307 €1,232,945 €1,953,904