Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) Optimisation

Correctly negotiate, manage and certify a ULA


Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) Optimisation  

We can ensure you get the maximum value from your Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) so you never buy another one.

An Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) is a substantial investment for any business.  If correctly negotiated, managed and certified, a ULA can be very good value for money.  It can also turn into a huge compliance liability if not managed correctly.

Our Oracle ULA Optimisation service ensures an organisation reaps the benefits while avoiding the risks.  The service includes:

  • Contract Preparation and Negotiation Support
  • Measurmement and Management of Deployment
  • Identification and elimination of any compliance risks created
  • Measurement of return on investment throughout agreement
  • Maximised deployment of products covered by ULA
  • Final certification of Agreement
  • Release licenses for reuse  



Optimal Contract

We can recommend changes that should be made to any new contract that greatly improve the value you'll l get from an Unlimited Agreement.  We can also highlight any wording that could reduce the value of your agreement.

What gets measured get managed

By providing a structure to monitor and report on the deployment of products in your ULA we ensure that you are constantly getting value from your agreement.  This monitoring includes tips and techniques to maximise the amount of licenses you'll have at the end of an agreement.

Hidden Compliance Risks

When companies enter an unlimited agreement, there is a misconception that all products are covered by the  agreement, this is not the case.  The unlimited referrers to the deployment of products listed.

Through our service we ensure you are deploying products that are covered by the unlimited license agreement and that you remain compliant for Oracle products not covered by agreement.

Maximise Value

Move forward with confidence that the decisions you make will ensure maximum long term value for your organisation based on advice from the Oracle licensing experts.  

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