SureDatum Workflow Management

Need to control your business processes, our Workflow management technology allows processes to be built, maintained and managed without the need to involve a developer. We allow the creation of internal business workflows as well as easy integration to 3rd party systems.  Our technology is the result of 20 years of working with operational processes to allow the creation of simple processes that can grow as the need arises. Start with key steps in the processes and add more detail as you progress. Augment existing systems such as Salesforce or other popular CRM systems with automated document scanning or 3rd party API integrations. There is nothing our technology can’t do. The following are some of the features.

Data Sources and Targets

  • Email, including an email parser to extract key information from emails. Extract and process attachments.
  • REST and SOAP APIs, integrate to 3rd party systems in real time
  • Salesforce integration is builtin
  • Adobe eSign, create signing processes as steps in the workflow.
  • Databases, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and many more.
  • Read in and write out Files such as Excel, CSV, XML, JSON and more.
  • PDF and Word Document production from templates.
  • Automated email and SMS sending.
  • SFTP, create secure connections with your partners using secure file gateways.
  • Cloud Storage:, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Amazon S3 and more.
  • Webforms to gather information from customers and partners as part of a process.

Drag and Drop Interface

Create processes from a simple drag and drop interface, quickly add additional steps and decisions as required. Start with a simple webform or REST API and add steps from there. Helps to visualise the current business processes to allow easy communication of steps with other business users. SureHub Workflow management was designed to be used by end users with little or no requirement for developers.

Automation options

  • Document Scanning, pull data automatically from documents and validate against criteria.  Automatically ascertain if :
    • Is the document recent?
    • Does the address match the one of file.
    • Is the document a passport, drivers license or a fake.
    • What is the total of debits and credits for the last month on the bank statement.
  • Automatically call REST or SOAP APIs to remove the need to key data into 3rd party sites.
  • Request additional data directly from customers via webforms, chatbots or email. Update the workflow once additional data received.
  • Present your own web services for your partners, no coding required.
    • Create fully documented Web Services APIs without writing any code.
    • Allow 3rd parties to iniate a workflow via an API.


Over 20 years there is little we haven’t seen and our flexible workflow solutions allow you to reap the benefits within days and control more and more agents over time. Implement integrated workflows in hours and throw the spreadsheets away.

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