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Suredatum Awarded Placement on Office of Government Procurement (OGP) Framework

On May 8 By Piaras MacDonnell


SureDatum is delighted to announce its successful placement on the Office of Government Procurement (OGP) framework for Software Asset...

10 Reasons to use a Software License Consultant

On June 23 By Piaras MacDonnell

I sometimes get asked by prospects why they should use software license consultants, like us.   They say they have an IT team internally and a...

Licensing Tips from ITAM Review Conference

On June 23 By Piaras MacDonnell

Back a week back from the ITAM Review Conference in London, an educational and fun couple of days.  Made lots of new contacts, saw the latest...

Oracle ULA – the clue is NOT in the name

On June 23 By Piaras MacDonnell

I was reading with interest the recent settlement by Oregon State Legislator with Oracle for $100 million.   As a software license  professional...

Any Virtualisation is an Oracle audit risk

On June 23 By Piaras MacDonnell

If you have Oracle products deployed on any virtualisation platform, not just VMware,  you have a potential license compliance risk.

Audit Risk for Microsoft applications on Citrix

On June 23 By Piaras MacDonnell

Does your organisation host Microsoft Applications on Citrix?

Oracle Audit - Finding the products with limited tools

On June 23 By Piaras MacDonnell

Whether it's an Oracle audit, license review or database consolidation one of the tasks in the early stage of your project is to prepare your list...

Reducing Microsoft License costs with fewer Qualified Devices

On June 23 By Piaras MacDonnell

Your organization has a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) and you’re wondering what exactly needs to be counted for desktop licensing when it comes...

Oracle License Audit – 1st Steps after the Letter

On June 23 By Piaras MacDonnell

You have just received what appears to be an Oracle license audit letter, what do you do next?

Enterprise Licensing – Watch out for Orphan VM’s

On June 23 By Piaras MacDonnell

With most organizations having virtualized a significant portion of their server estate, it has become a necessity for the Software Asset Management...

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